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Are you ready to move your remote work to Almost Heaven and reach new heights with Ascend WV?

Ascend Morgantown

Is your heart set on moving to Morgantown? You are in luck! Ascend Morgantown applications are now open. Don't forget: Once you begin your application, you must submit it in one sitting. Proceed to Application


Ascend Lewisburg

Ascend Lewisburg applications will open in January 2022. Stay up to date on all things Ascend Lewisburg by signing up to receive updates.

Ascend Lewisburg Updates

Ascend Shepherdstown

Ascend Shepherdstown applications will open in April 2022. Stay up to date on all things Ascend Shepherdstown by signing up to receive updates.

Ascend Shepherdstown Updates

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How are applicants chosen?

To join Ascend WV, you must first submit an online application which will be analyzed by the Ascend WV team. Top-scoring applicants will be asked to participate in virtual interviews before final selections are made. Reach out to [email protected] for more information!

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Who is the ideal candidate for Ascend WV?

The ideal candidate is someone who can work from anywhere and is looking to find a better work/life balance. We’re looking for folks who long for a sense of community, thrive with new adventure, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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What are the qualifications for Ascend WV?

Applicants must be 18 years or older with a full-time job and the ability to verify employment. Selected applicants must be able to work remotely in the United States through a company located outside of the Mountain State. The final requirement is simple: You must be drawn to the mountains and be ready move to West Virginia! Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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