About Brad D. Smith

Brad D. Smith is the President of Marshall University and a former Silicon Valley CEO who often introduces himself as “simply Brad from Kenova.” Despite his humble nature, he has an impressive story to tell— his hometown may be small but his endeavors are certainly not.

After receiving an education at Marshall University and later Aquinas College, Brad hit the ground running. His career journey brought him to a number of major businesses as he went on to hold leadership positions at Pepsico, Brooks Beverage Management, Inc., and Advo Inc. before becoming the Senior Vice President at ADP. This was all prior to him joining the business venture he has become most well known for: Intuit, Inc. Brad began at Intuit as the Vice President & General Manager of Intuit Accountant Central & Developer Network. His impactful 16-year career at Intuit eventually earned him the role of Intuit’s Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he served from 2019 until January 18, 2022.

In 2019 his focus turned to philanthropy. Alongside his wife, Alys Smith, Brad knew he wanted to do more to give back to his home state. From their joint passion for the cause, the Wing 2 Wing Foundation was born.

Through Wing 2 Wing, Brad and Alys are currently seeking to advance education, entrepreneurship and environment in communities that have been traditionally overlooked. Following a handful of donations to various organizations and educational institutions throughout the years, in 2021, Brad and Alys also made a transformational donation to West Virginia University. This empowered the creation of the Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative and, subsequently, the Ascend West Virginia program and its mission to draw remote workers to the state.

Outside of his role at Wing 2 Wing Brad has also been working to achieve his goals and bring his vision for the state to life through his role at Marshall University, which he sees as a great equalizer.

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