Financial Incentives

The financial incentives of Ascend WV are simple: We will pay you $12,000 to live your best life in West Virginia.


Move your remote work to West Virginia and receive $12,000 while living in Almost Heaven. Spend your money on the things that you love or lay down some roots, all while experiencing everything that West Virginia has to offer.


Let's Run the Numbers

Payments for the $12,000 financial incentive will begin after your first month in the Ascend WV program and continue over the course of two years. In equal monthly payments, you will receive the first $10,000 over the course of your first year in Almost Heaven. The final $2,000 will be yours at the end of your second year in the Ascend WV program.

To make things easy, payment checks will be distributed in person at the coworking space.


Keep the Money Coming

To never miss a payment or lose your program membership, follow closely all of our Program Terms & Conditions. Along with timely relocation and providing proof of employment, your money will keep on flowing as long as you abide by all program rules.

Don’t forget: Recipients are solely responsible for any taxes associated with Ascend WV financial incentives.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really going to pay me $12,000 to move?

We sure are! Over your first year with Ascend WV you will earn $10,000, paid in monthly installments. When you fall in love with your new home, we will add in $2,000 for completing your second consecutive year in West Virginia. On top of that, don’t forget you will also get a year of FREE outdoor recreation worth over $2,500. Reach out to for more information!

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When are the incentive payments provided?

Payments will be provided on a monthly basis, with the first $10,000 being paid over 12 months. The final $2,000 will be paid at the end of your second year in West Virginia. Ascend WV members will pick up their scheduled checks in person at the coworking space.

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Are the financial incentives taxable?

Yes, recipients are solely responsible for any taxes associated with payment by the Ascend WV Program for relocation to West Virginia.

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What if I am selected, but I move away before the 2 years is over?

We sure will be sad to see you go! If you move away before completing the entire program length you will keep only the money you have earned up until the date of your departure. Reach out to for more information!

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